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Profiles of Development Banks (Class B)
  a.  National Level
  b.  Ten Districts Level
  c.  Three Districts Level
  d.  One District Level
New Capital Adequacy Framework (Parallel Run in National Level Development Banks since 2067/68 BS)
  a.  New Capital Adequacy Framework-2007 (updated 2008)
  b.  FAQ on NRB New Capital Adequacy Framework (NCAF)
Annual Reports
• FY 2071-721300.65 kB
• FY 2070-711227.63 kB
• FY 2069-70512 kB
• FY 2068-69617.4 kB
• FY 2067-68534.66 kB
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Enforcement Actions (Offsite, Onsite)
• United Bikas Bank Declared Problematic29.79 kB
• Gorkha Development Bank Declared Problematic36.4 kB
• United Bikas Bank, Jitpur, Bara Declared Problematic102.21 kB
• Sajha Bikas Bank released from Prompt Corrective Action92.71 kB
• Innovative Development Bank released from Prompt Corrective Action93.08 kB
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Key Financial Indicators
• 2073-74 (Mid Oct 2016)60.5 kB
• 2072 12 (Chaitra)57.66 kB
• 2072-09 (Poush)64.74 kB
• 2072-06 (Asoj)35.95 kB
• 2071-12 (Chaitra)65.77 kB
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Public Notices And Press Releases
• H and B Development Bank released from PCA148.97 kB
• Time Extension of Management of Gorkha Development Bank Limited19.59 kB
• Time Extension and Change in Management of GDBL86.75 kB
• Time Extension of Management of GDBL19.68 kB
• NRB Takeover GDB Nepal Ltd92.14 kB
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• UBB Notice Publication29.79 kB
• Gorkha problematic notice36.4 kB
• ubb notice102.21 kB
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