Special Publications
Financial Stability Report (Issue No. 1)    3583.25 kB
A Report of Situation, Prospect and Challenge of Financial Service in The Development of Agricultural Sector of Nepal 4499.19 kB
NRB in 25 Years (Nepali) 7298.24 kB
A Glimpse of Nepal's Macroeconomic Situation, 2006 221.8 kB
A Policy Research Report on Optimal Number Determination or Regulatory Reform (July 2007) 666.46 kB
ADB & Nepal (2004) 632.26 kB
Achieving Millennium Development Goals- Challenges for Nepal 2161.5 kB
Economic Integration in South Asia (2005) 969.3 kB
Inflation in Nepal 1029.2 kB
Nepalese Financial System Growth and Challenges (July 2009) 2548.19 kB
PRGF and Nepal (July 2008) 682.28 kB
Poverty Reduction & Growth Facility PRGF and Nepal 687.37 kB
WTO Service Sector Commitments and Its Impact on Balance of Payments 272.81 kB
WTO and Nepal (April 2002) 590.03 kB
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