Spokesperson and Information Officer
Mr. Laxmi Prapanna Niroula
Office-Tel: +977-1-4441045, 4419805(Ext:122)
Mob: +977-9851210919
Res-Tel: +977-1-4110354
Email: lprapanna@nrb.org.np









NRB Working Paper
NRB-WP-46- Relationship between Money Supply, Income and Price Level in Nepal--Ram Chandra Acharya    476.33 kB
NRB-WP-45- Financial Literacy and Behavior of Small Borrowers in Nepal—Ramesh- Prasad Chaulagain Ph.D. 159.03 kB
NRB-WP-44- Estimating Business and Financial Cycles Case of Nepal--Guna Raj Bhatta 495.25 kB
NRB-WP-43- March 2018;Impact of Exchange Rate on Trade Deficit and Foreign Exchange Reserve in Nepal An Empirical Analysis--Deepak Adhikari 420.19 kB
NRB-WP-42- January 2018;Macro Models in Nepal Survey and Empirical Estimation--Nepal Rastra Bank Research Department 517.38 kB
NRB-WP-41- October 2017;Potential Output and Output Gap Estimates for Nepal--Nepal Rastra Bank Research Department 605.25 kB
NRB-WP-40- April 2017; Elasticity and Buoyancy of Taxation in Nepal A Revisit of the Empirical Evidencel--Nepal Rastra Bank Research Department 426.58 kB
NRB-WP-39- April 2017; Optimal Inflation Rate for Nepal--Nepal Rastra Bank Research Department 536.33 kB
NRB-WP-38- April 2017; Relationship between Financial Literacy and Behavior of Small Borrowers--Ramesh Prasad Chaulagain 707.11 kB
NRB-WP-37- April 2017; Central Bank Communication The Practice in Nepal Rastra Bank and Impact on Inflation--Sarthak Karki and Dr. Nephil Matangi Maskay 575.71 kB
NRB-WP-36-March 2017; Selecting Appropriate Methodological Framework for Time Series Data Analysis--Dr Min Bahadur Shrestha and Guna Raj Bhatta 892.02 kB
NRB-WP-33-July 2016; Remittances and Exchange Rate Linkages Experiences of Nepal--Bhubanesh Pant Ph.D. and Birendra Bahadur Budha 767.65 kB
NRB-WP-35-January 2017; Determinants of Bank Lending in Nepal--Neelam Timsina 814.02 kB
NRB-WP-32-March 2016; Macroeconomic Impact of International Reserves Empirical Evidence from South Asia--Prakash Kumar Shrestha Ph.D 647.83 kB
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